Diversity in STEM Education

January 29, 2023
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Egg Drop Grading Rubric

Egg Drop Competition Guidelines

Warm up for Water Bottle Rockets
Straw Rockets Challenge: Design an air-powered rocket that can hit a distant target.
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Warm up for Water Bottle Rockets
Pop Fly Challenge: Invent a way to send a Ping-Pong ball flying high enough to catch it. Take some paint stirrers, a wooden spool or piece of PVC pipe, and tape. Now, add your foot. Ready, set, launch!
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Warm up for Mousetrap Vehicles
Rubber Band Car Challenge: Build a car that goes really fast and really far (at least four feet, that is). Your power source is a rubber band, and your car can only have two wheels.
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"Share Your Best" Activities

Laura Headley shares how she uses Mousetrap Cars to prepare her students for the Junior Solar Sprint.
Grade Levels: Grades 6-8
Andrew Jackson Middle School, Brevard, Florida

Erich Landstrom shares how he uses Mousetrap Cars to help prepare his students for the "Technical Report" and "Interview" portions of the SECME Mousetrap Car Competition
"MTV Math and Matching".
Grade Levels: Grades 9-12
Seminole Ridge High School, Loxahatchee, Florida